Lightweight IDE

Lightweight on your mind

by Ingemar Ragnemalm

This page provides information and downloads for the minimalistic, easy-to use integrated development environment for MacOS X, for development in Pascal, Object Pascal, Objective Pascal, C, C++, Objective C, CUDA, Java, Python, Ada and shellscripts. Some related packages also live here, like TransSkel 5 and SAT 3.

210108: Milestone: Lightweight IDE 64-bit compiles! Doesn't run yet though.

201127: A LOT has happened recently, but it is not yet uploaded.

200722: Uploaded  TransSkel 5.0b13. Compatible with FPC 3.2, and more.

200701: Yet another fix on the old Lightweight IDE, makes drag-and-drop to the application work again. Should be the last since I must fix the 64-bit version.

200630: Some more thoughts. How much should I change in TransSkel?

200627: TransSkel is now getting an overhaul, a major cleanup. I feel that it should focus better on its main merits. I believe that it is ideal for casual programming, where you want to make it as simple as possible, with no extra layers of complexity in the application code, and the model is ideal for that. But then the API should not be too big.

Therefore, I have weeded out a lot of variants, multiple calls with some variations, and taken out the CG callbacks in favor of QDCG, which results in dramatically less code. Also, all window and control creations are made with Rect, not NSRect or separate numbers. And a ton of calls made for calling from C have been removed, and instead I make a separate C version.

The drawback is of course that any code using the removed calls needs updating, but as far as I have ported code those changes are not all that painful.

200621: Uploaded  TransSkel 5.0b12.

200410: And some more coding... Work on the editor.

200323: Some new coding in progress.

190829: Uploaded TransSkel version 5.0b11. It has been waiting for a long time but now when 32-bit code is being phased out, it is in focus again. Yes, I have tested several demos as 64-bit code!

190405: Uploaded version 1.0a13. Yes, a11 and a12 were never uploaded.

180825: Just some thoughts. Anyone who wants to do LaTEX with Lightweight IDE?

171009: New version, 1.0a10, with bug fixes affecting performance in C projects and problems in multi-file search.

171003: New version, 1.0a9, tested on High Sierra.

171002: Thoughts about High Sierra.

170920: 1.0a8a, a few more fixes but...

170124: 1.0a7, much better debugging!

161114: 1.0a6, a few more fixes on the customizable color coding!

161112: 1.0a5, a whole bunch of fixes!

160921: Some thoughts; new improvements are coming.

160901: 1.0a4: One more bug fix.

160828: 1.0a3+, one bug fix, setting the path for Python scripts so file access is more as you would expect.

160827: 1.0a3, third alpha, some more fixes!

160818: 1.0a2, second alpha, with a few fixes!

160815: Release of 1.0a1, first alpha for 1.0!

160813: More thoughts, and the next version is already close. And about time since I will soon be crowded with teaching.

160810: 0.9.9p3, which I intend to be the last before the alpha. Mostly bug fixes but some rather important ones.

160802: 0.9.9p2, which means very close to 1.0 alphas. Pretty much everything is in place!

160719: Some thoughts about upcoming verisons.

160622: 0.9.9 patch 1, with numerous changes.

160517: 0.9.9 uploaded, with the first version with LLDB support!

160415: Some more thoughts.

160212: Some thoughts

160204: Uploaded TransSkel 5.0b10. Link to latest MicroGlut.


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